In the planning phase, we take into consideration the unique requirements of each client’s project to tailor a complete solution.

Through our extensive global network and the expert knowledge of our staff, RSC assists agencies and organizations focused on international aid and development with the implementation of their programs. We recognize several important areas at the needs assessment stage including product identification, pricing, origin of the goods, as well as the logistical solution required to successfully complete the project.

With a diverse, worldwide organization, RSC offers a large variety of products to meet the needs of many different programs. Whether your program requires high-end technology equipment standardization or basic relief items for emergency response efforts, we rise to the challenge. Often, RSC’s assessment work supports continuous project supplies such as office consumables, transportation items, industrial equipment and a variety of spare parts.

The result of our planning assessment is a comprehensive proposal, at no cost to you, focused on meeting the needs of your program.

For a complete procurement approach, we evaluate and provide several options for each project to allow the client to make the most informed decisions.

RSC understands procurement is based on several trade-off factors of quality, quantity, production time and delivery schedule to final destination. RSC’s extensive procurement experience allows our clients to consider multiple options to meet their goals. With our clients’ combined purchase requirements, RSC can provide increased buying power for small and large organizations by presenting greater required volumes to the manufacturers.

RSC’s logistic experience allows us to not only effectively plan equipment roll-out schedules, resulting in lower average logistical costs for ongoing programs, but also tailor logistical solutions for emergencies situations focused on quick delivery.

In this stage, we like to present options and ultimately strive to offer the most appropriate products at the best value for your money through creative sourcing and smart logistical solutions.

We shoulder the administrative operations burden efficiently to allow your staff to focus on more mission critical issues.

From the initial phase to completion of your project, you can maintain ownership and leave the administrative burden and associated challenges to us. Our experienced staff provides quality control, arranges documentation, and assures swift, efficient delivery of goods to their final destination. While RSC takes responsibility for the entire procurement cycle, we keep our clients informed and involved during every step of the process.

Order tracking is available through RSC’s Order Management System (REACH), a live, web-based program accessible around the globe. Via RSC’s website, each field office and headquarters can login to obtain 24/7 access to their order status and monitor progress. Additionally, all related documents (e.g., customs clearance, shipping bills, insurance, etc.) can be downloaded from the site. To learn more about our OMS, click here.

RSC’s administrative resources provide the ability to monitor progress, allowing organizations to make decisions at key points along the way. This, in turn, enables programs to effectively reach their goals.

Prior to dispatch, our pre-shipment services include customized, value-added services and packaging your cargo for safe transit.

RSC provides a wide variety of warehousing services at our on-site consolidation and packing center. Quality control begins the moment your goods pass our threshold with itemized receipts as each item is received and inspected for accuracy and quality. Orders are consolidated and volume is reduced when possible to keep shipping costs at a minimum.

Once ready for dispatch, each shipment is evaluated for the best packaging solution depending on the size of the shipment, nature of the goods, mode of transport and final destination. RSC provides a variety of security measures on all cargo which can include plastic or steel banding, opaque shrink wrap, wooden crates, tamper-evident tape and a unique coding for each pallet.

Additional services are available for tailored solutions such as stocking, inventory management, kitting and/or asset tagging. RSC’s custom programs can allow for faster processing and delivery of your orders, especially in emergency situations. Other (specialty) services, such as third-party inspections, hazardous materials packaging, equipment testing and staging are contracted with reliable industry partners.

By extreme attention to detail at this stage, RSC is able to maintain its very high success rate in terms of shipment accuracy, avoid compromised shipments and minimize delivery times.

We deliver comprehensive logistical solutions by taking into consideration several factors including cost, required delivery time and cargo insurance.

We acknowledge the demanding nature of international logistics by accommodating to the unique needs of each shipment. With this approach, RSC creates a tailored logistical solution for our clients while considering all of the important aspects of the created supply chain. Our standard practice of maintaining relationships with reliable air, sea, and other freight carriers throughout the world results in all-around logistics efficiency.

We consider carrier, routing, nature of the cargo, urgency and final destination before proposing a shipping solution. This approach offers our clients options that not only provide the best solution for their budget, but also accomplish their goals. Throughout our history, RSC has been a critical partner for many emergency relief operations by creating supply chains that give access to disaster areas. By providing an “all-risk” insurance policy on our shipments, RSC offers a high level of accountability.

Part of the logistical solution is the integration of our REACH (Order Management System), through which we provide easy shipment tracking and access to all documents. To learn more about our REACH, visit our administration page.

After delivery, we work to maintain your project goals long-term by providing after-sales support including warranty, repair, and asset management assistance.

After-sales support is where RSC stands out for many of our clients. RSC is committed to customer service, even after your order has been delivered and paid for. Our dedicated staff is available if clients experience any issues with the cargo once in use. RSC can provide guidance on warranty and service issues and can also assist in processing claims when possible.

For certain equipment, RSC even provides our very own Global Back-to-Base Manufacturer’s Backup Warranty Program to assist with the processing of your warranty repairs. For the life of your product warranty, after trouble-shooting any issues directly with the manufacturer, if a warranty repair is deemed necessary, the client can ship the defective unit back to RSC (at RSC’s expense). RSC will then arrange for the repair services at our facility or at an authorized service center. After the repairs are complete, RSC ships the unit back to the field office (at RSC’s Expense).

This final stage not only concludes the current supply chain cycle, but often leads to another needs assessment and a new cycle begins again.