Quality Control Center

When companies work with Reliable Supply Chains, they gain access to our excellent customer service and 40 years of experience in supply chain management. However, they also gain peace of mind knowing that their shipments will arrive consolidated, in good condition, and packed securely and professionally by RSC’s Quality Control Center (QCC) employees.

RSC provides a wide variety of warehousing services at our on-site consolidation and packing center. Our center is well organized, clean, dry, and free of pests to eliminate contamination issues. All the items that come into RSC’s QCC Facility go through a step-by-step verification process:

Step 1:

Cargo arrives at RSC’s Quality Control Center, where it is taken out of the shipping boxes, and is inspected for accuracy and quality. The process helps to cut down on unnecessary volume and helps to ensure we catch any issues that products might have before shipping to the end destination.

Step 2:

After inspection, the items are confirmed in RSC’s customized operations management system called “REACH“. This program allows us to create itemized cargo receipts for every item in the project and allows us to catalogue them to go with our shelving system.

Step 3:

Once RSC has received all products for a project, the QCC employees create a picking list, pull the items from the shelf, and consolidate the items into one shipment.

Step 4:

Cartons are used for smaller shipments, and custom pallets are created for larger shipments. Every pallet we use is heat-treated to protect against health and safety hazards. All items are recorded into an RSC Packing List while they are being added into the pallets or cartons. During this process, RSC QCC employees can double-check the quality and quantities of each item.

Step 5:

The final step is to seal and secure all carton and pallets. RSC’s QCC uses metal binding and security tape which minimizes the risk of theft and decreases the opportunity for shipments to be tampered with. Then the shipments are affixed with customized labels and weighed and measured for shipping accuracy.

Additionally, RSC offers tailored solutions for our clients such as: inventory management, kitting, asset tagging, third-party inspections, hazardous materials packaging, and equipment testing. Please reach out if you would like to learn more about these services.